1. Wedding Day Agenda

Communicate your timeline to your wedding party, parents and your wedding or venue coordinator. It is also a great idea to create and share a list of contact numbers for everyone in the wedding party.

2. Dress Rehearsal

Make sure you are confident and happy with your wedding attire!  Put on your wedding dress, bridal shoes and any accessories that you will be wearing the day of.  If there are any issues, this will give you ample time to sort them out.

3. Vendor Confirmation

Confirm arrival times and tie up any other loose ends with vendors (be sure to include contact information on your wedding agenda!). Be sure to ensure that payment has been arranged or issued so that you don’t have to worry about this on your wedding day.

4. Polish the Bling

Bring your wedding and engagement rings to a jeweller for a cleaning. Inquire with the jewelry store where the rings were purchased as they may offer a free cleaning.  No matter how diligent you are in cleaning your ring or jewelry yourself, it will not have the same effect as a professional cleaning.
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5. Walk a Mile in Your Shoes

Put on your bridal shoes and break them in prior the the wedding.  To keep them clean, try only wearing them around the house or at work. Your feet will thank you and this will allow you time to add any inserts should you need them.

6. Beauty Treatments

Save any waxing or eyebrow threading for the final week (Note: highlights or a facial should be done at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding).  This will allow any irritation or redness to dissipate.  It also smart to not try new products to avoid unwanted breakouts.

7. After the Wedding

After the last dance, you will probably be ready to crawl into bed.  Avoid the hassle and ask your venue coordinator if you are required to clean up everything immediately, if they have the ability to store any wedding gifts and if they’ll help to dispose of any extra décor items. If the venue is unable to accommodate, ensure that you plan accordingly.

8. Preparing for the Unexpected

If the forecast looks like you may get rain on your wedding day, consider renting a tent if are having an outdoor and purchasing umbrellas for photos.  It is also a great idea to put together a bridal emergency kit.  It will come in handy in the event that you lose a button on your dress or need a makeup touchup.

9. Wedding Décor

Go through all your wedding decorations one last time and make sure the contents are clearly labelled.  Sorting place cards on the day of the wedding can be very time consuming.  Consider putting your place cards in order of how they will be set around the table so and make a table plan.  Provide your venue coordinator with a copy after you have double checked all is in order.

10. Enjoy Yourself

You have most likely spent the greater part of the past year organizing and planning every detail of your wedding.  It is now time to give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy these final moments.  Try to make time to squeeze in that massage or have cocktails with your bridesmaids, you deserve it!