1. Allow Yourself to Blink

Perhaps this is something that stays with us from childhood when the person behind the camera is adamant that we don’t blink.  Digital cameras allow the photographer to take numerous frames in a matter of seconds so if you are blinking in one frame you probably are not in the next.  If you are consciously trying to open your eyes wider this will greatly alter how you look in the photos and will not be as natural.

2. Stand up Straight

With all eyes on you, you may be feeling a little self conscious (this is normal!) and be inclined to shrink into yourself. Try to take a few deep breaths to release the tension out of your neck, shoulders and jaw.  Be sure to pull your shoulders back, chest forward and pull your belly button towards your spine.

3. Embrace your Emotions

Your wedding day will bring up all sorts of emotions and it is important to let go. Smile big, cry and laugh out loud. Capturing these raw emotions are what make your wedding photographs personal and real.  Most often these are the type of photos that the bride and groom love the most.

4. Smile Genuinely

Try not to overthink your smile and don’t force it! A sincere smile comes from a relaxed face and naturally reaches your eyes.  Practice relaxing your face, opening your mouth slightly, and thinking of something that makes you happy!

5. Angle your Stance

Turn your torso toward the photographer at a 45 degree angle.  When you turn at this angle, you are facing the person you’re standing next to and putting your body’s depth (not width) on display creating the most flattering position.

6. Position your Chin

Try to turn your chin down and out slightly.  By doing this, you’re naturally lengthening and accentuating the jawline.  You can also try touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth, elongating your neck and preventing a double chin.  This can be an awkward movement at first so ensure you get plenty of practice before the big day!

7. Keep Bouquet at Hip Level

In most of your wedding poses, your bouquet will be the focal point.  Try to hold your wedding bouquet at hip level.  Another great option is to hold the bouquet at your side rather than straight in front of you. If you’re holding it too high you will hide the bodice of your dress and too low will make you hunch up your shoulders.

8. Accentuate your Arms

Keep your arms bent and pulled slightly away from your body and maintain a natural bend in your elbows.  It can be tough but avoid holding your arms flat against your sides. Luckily, having a bouquet will make this position more natural.

9. Use your Legs

Although you are probably wearing a gown that completely covers your legs, it is important to not forget about them! Try bending on one knee (even the tiny bit) so you don’t look stiff or try crossing your ankles at your calves to elongate your legs and make your hips appear narrower.

10. Have Fun!

If you remember one thing from this article, make it this!  If you are enjoying yourself on your wedding day it will show in the photos.  Have fun and rest assured that your photographer will assist you in creating the most flattering angles.