1Booking and Reservations

Make sure that any flights or hotels you book are under your legal name and match the last name on all your travel documentation (passport and birth certificate etc.).  Even if you plan to change your name after you tie the knot, the process length can vary depending on what country you reside in and there may be a delay in receiving updated documentation.

2Notify the Hotel or Resort

Ensure that you let you let the hotel or resort know that you are celebrating your recent nuptials!  Many venues will offer free perks like a room upgrade, breakfast in bed or a bottle of bubbly upon you arrival.  Sign us up!

3Dream Big – But Not Too Big!

It’s true that you may not get another opportunity to have a luxurious 2 weeks of bliss in Bora Bora this lifetime but it’s also important to be realistic and work within your budget.  Many couples have just spent an average of $35,000.00 on their wedding and are most likely saving to put a down payment on a new home.  It’s important to remember that your honeymoon is about spending quality time together.  While an exotic destination doesn’t hurt, there are plenty of economical options that are the perfect compromise.

4Get Expert Advice

If you’re not set on a location or a place to stay, consider hiring a travel agent who specializes in wedding related travel.  They have access to a variety of vendors to keep the pricing competitive and have the experience to find the perfect destination for you and your partner.  This is especially true if you are planning to visit multiple destinations on your honeymoon.  Booking connector flights and different venues can be an overwhelming task.  Avoid the headache and hire a professional!

5Give Yourself Time

Try to have everything booked no later than 6 months before your departure.  The last thing you want to be doing is finalizing details on your honeymoon while you are scrambling to finalize last minute wedding details.  Planning should not be stressful and your honeymoon should be a well deserved break as newlyweds.  Giving yourself ample time will ensure that you make the right choice and allow you to enjoy your first trip as a married couple.  Bon Voyage!