1. Non-Wedding Retailers

Bridesmaid dresses can be marked up just because they are marketed for a specific occasion.  Check out department stores such as Macy’s to find some great options.  If time allows, try dress shopping around Christmas or New Years.  You are sure to find great dresses that are the perfect fit!

2. Second Hand

Most bridesmaid dresses are worn only once and are still in pristine condition after the wedding.  It is also quite common for the lot of dresses to appear in bridal consignment shops or through online sales channels such as craigslist.  Even if alternations are required, the cost savings is typically worth it.

3. Different Styles

If you are not set on your bridesmaids wearing uniform dresses, consider allowing them pick their own style.  If you choose this route, you can specify a specific color shade or give free reign for unique colors.  Doing so will allow your bridesmaids to pick the most flattering dress for their figure and allow everyone to stick within their individual budget.

4. Check Online

We know this can be a tricky one but buying online can be significantly cheaper as the store doesn’t have to keep inventory on-site.  We strongly recommend that the dresses are purchased well in advance in case they don’t fit and that you check to see if the dresses can be exchanged or returned.

5. Seasonal Colors

Popular bridesmaid dress colors usually change with each wedding season.  The popularity in turn drives of the cost.  If your heart is set on the “it” color of the moment, consider purchasing next season when the dress color of choice is likely to change.