Available at Esty by MintOrchid, $14.83

These soft, fuzzy socks are perfect for lounging around the house, camping, skiing or simply wearing because they’re adorable. If you are getting married in winter or share a love of the outdoors, these are perfect gift for your leading ladies!

Available at Etsy by GlassKnobsGlueStix, $16.51

If every outing starts with a grande cup of magic beans, fuel your best friends with these authentic Starbucks refillable cups.  Not only are you providing a chic coffee vessel but you will also save them $.10 per beverage!

Available at Etsy by TheLovelyLetteringCo, $7.85

For the women who find an excuse to make a toast and pour the bubbly.  These customized stemless champagne flutes will keep the memories and festivities alive long after you say I do.  We toast to that!

Available at Etsy by Beazness, $92.00 (set of 4)

These customized sterling sliver necklaces are a thoughtful gift that your bridesmaids can wear the day of wedding and for many days to come!  These chic necklaces feature a classic swarovski pearl that never goes out of style.

Available at Etsy by Pixelcouturedesigns, $13.99

For the gal who always looks flawless.  Gift on its own or fill with items that she will love such as lip gloss, a compact mirror or nail polish. This cute and customizable makeup bag will be a hit and house her Sephora addiction perfectly!