Getting married in a library is the perfect choice for more than just both book lovers and history buffs!  There are countless libraries that are known for their exquisite architecture – think amazing interior details like spiral staircases.  Many couples choose a library for their venue as they can typically house a large a number of guests without breaking the bank.


Ski Resort

If your heart is set on a winter wedding, you can’t go wrong with this option!  If you are looking for an economical option, many ski resorts also offer reduced rates in off-peak seasons.  This way, you still get the mountain view at a fraction of the price!  Being atop a mountain creates surreal vibe that comes second to none.


National Park

An increasing number of couples are opting to get married in National Parks such as Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon.  Getting married at a venue with natural beauty doesn’t require much (if any) decorating and provides a gorgeous backdrop.  Choosing a National Park as your venue allows your guests the opportunity to explore sights they may not otherwise visit.  A win-win situation!


Aquarium or Zoo

Love animals?  Want to add some fun to your wedding?  An aquarium or zoo could be what you’ve been looking for!  No need to worry about competing with paying customers, most venues will close down the facility or delegate your own personal area.  While we can’t guarantee you won’t be photobombed by a curious giraffe lurking in the background, we can guarantee that the laughs will be endless and your guests won’t soon forget your big day!



Many venues in urban areas are now extending their services to rooftops!  Having a wedding on a building rooftop allows you to take in the beauty and views of the city.  This venue works for a casual or formal wedding.  If you are getting married in a season where weather is unpredictable, rest assured that many venues have covered areas to keep you and your guests dry.