By their very nature, couture wedding dresses with their superb craftsmanship demand attention. Brides-to-be seek a signature one-off piece that is imaginative, special and one that will complement all aspects of what is the most memorable day of your life. Accessorizing to befit the gown is integral to the overall success of your look.

A designer of couture wedding dresses creates pieces with a definite sense of individuality that demand exquisite accessorizing. Mindful of creating a complete look, the designer is qualified to give professional advice as to how they envision the accessories flattering a particular gown. There is a general scope for tailoring to your particular taste within the parameters of the designer’s vision. Below are five things to consider when accessorizing your gown.

1. A tailored bolero crafted from delicate lace or silk doubles as a shield from the weather for those tying the knot in cooler months and is a  stunning statement piece with which to embellish a couture wedding dress.

2. An intricate custom-made veil flatters the blushing bride and adds a sense of tradition, mystery and completion to the bridal look. Your designer will advise you of possibilities and can work with you to complement your dress and face shape.

3. Your wedding dress can be complemented perfectly by beautiful shoes. They can be decorated with embellishments and customized to set off your gown. Custom shoes ensure the perfect fit and comfort; your special day needn’t be marred by sore feet.

4. Makeup of quality and a standard of application are required to ensure that your couture wedding dress suits your location and theme. For a casual affair avoid dramatic dark eyes or overly bright lips. Makeup with a light even coverage won’t overpower your face.

A glamorous evening nuptial occasion calls for a more daring approach with your lips and eyes. Make your eyes stand out by using shadow that contrasts with your eye colour. A bold lip colour can also add that ‘wow’ factor. Choose to focus on either eyes or lips as dramatizing both tends to be overkill.

A spray tan can also accessorize your gown beautifully, but don’t overlook the fact that you may need to update your make-up shades accordingly.

5. Jewelry choices can make or break a look. If hoosing a statement piece, or one of sentimental value, be sure to consult your designer to ensure it keeps with the overall look of the outfit. It may be wise to remember the wise words of Coco Chanel who famously declared, “I always take off one piece of jewelry before I leave the house to ensure I’m not overdoing it.”