5 Ways to Downsize and Simplify Your Wedding Guest List

Unless you have an open budget, chances are that you will need to evaluate and narrow down your guest list at some point. Let us help you narrow down your guest list with no hurt feelings!

1Tiered List

Group all of your wedding guests into one of three different tiers.  The first tier is family members, the second is for close friends and the third for friends and acquaintances. Having a visual of your guest list will simplify the process.  In the event you need to reduce guest numbers, you need not look further than the third tier.

2One Year Rule

If you haven’t talked to someone on your guest list for longer than a year, reconsider adding them to your guest list.  The exception to this would be family members or friends that live in a different state or country  – plane tickets are expensive!

3Test of Time

When you look 5 years into the future do you see these people in your life? You are not obligated to invite guests just because you attended their wedding several years ago. Of course you can’t predict the future, but if you suspect they’ll drop off the face of the earth, safely scratch them off your list.

4Two Way Street

Would you be offended if you weren’t invited to their wedding?  If the answer is no, the feeling is most likely mutual.  If they haven’t even met your significant other or don’t even know your engaged, you have the green light to skip the invite.


This is a tough one as it is common to meet some of your best friends at your place of work.  If you work in a small workplace with a tight group, it is an all or nothing deal. Should the invite be given to one person, you need to extend the invitation to all.  If you decide not to invite coworkers you can simply say that it is an intimate affair with friends and family only.