7 Things to do the Night Before your Wedding

You will be saying “I Do” in less than 24 hours, what do you do? Don't panic. We have compiled a list to put your mind at ease!

7. Make Time for Just the Two of You

Weddings generally involve lots of socializing with family and friends and if a rehearsal dinner the night before is on the agenda, you may find yourself chatting away with everyone but your significant other. Set aside at least an hour and go for a stroll or watch the sunset, taking the time to soak it all in. This will keep you both grounded and ease any nerves.  Don’t forget that these little moments are the ones you will look back and remember once the wedding is over.

6. Use Rehearsal Time Effectively

The wedding day itself will be a blissful day filled with many unforgettable moments.  It is important to resist the urge to cram too many moments into your wedding day. Having a rehearsal dinner can be a wonderful way to celebrate and acknowledge these moments.  This is a great compromise as it allows you the opportunity to enjoy items on the itinerary that you wouldn’t have had time to enjoy on your wedding day. This may also be the perfect time to provide your parents, family or bridal party with their gifts or an ideal time to say a speech and toast those who’ve helped you with planning along the way.

5. Shine up That Sparkler!

That rock is the show stopper and everyone will be grabbing your hand the day of to get an up close and personal look at that eye candy. Make sure to give it a good polishing before the wedding day!  Many photographers like to take photographs of the wedding rings so even more reason to not skip this step.

4. Get Acquainted with your Vows

Writing your own vows? Take a minute the night before your wedding to do a final review. Impossible we know, but try to stress too much about this point.  Your vows are what your wedding day is ultimately about and most people will be taking in your beautiful self that a bump or mistake will most likely not even be noticed.   While it’s not a necessity to have them memorized (you are speaking from the heart after all), it is important to be familiar with key points.

3. Put Together a Survival Kit

Ensure that your wedding party has a tote bag handy containing essentials including safety pins, Advil/Tylenol, tissues, hair ties, bobby pins, hair spray and a sewing kit.  If you are short on time or want a tote that is convenient and compact, you can purchase pre-made kits.  Being prepared can turn a button falling off into a minor setback rather than a wardrobe malfunction.


2. Double Check with Vendors

Have payment sorted out electronically — whether that means you’ve scheduled payments via PayPal or Credit Card or gather checks and cash and put them in clearly marked envelopes and hand them off to your point person for the wedding day (whether that’s your wedding planner, professional bridesmaid, or trusty uncle).  Make sure your outside vendors know when and where to show up. Now’s the time to also let them know the name and phone number of your “point person” that day.

1. Give yourself some TLC

Try going to the spa the evening or afternoon before the big day!  This will allow much needed additional time the morning of your wedding and a blissful massage and glass of champagne is just what you need after all those months of stress and planning behind you!  If you are strapped for time, many companies offer a mobile service and will come right to your house.  This will allow you and your friends to enjoy the pampering in your slippers and pajamas!  It really doens’t get much better than that!