1Afternoon and Cocktail Reception

If you are having your wedding reception 5:00 pm or later, your guests will be expecting a dinner meal. A morning reception, brunch or late afternoon cocktail reception will cut costs as they are usually shorter in length and require less food.

2Beverages & Signature Cocktail

Limit your alcohol choices to two options – typically wine and beer.  If you are serving wine, ensure that you a red and white wine.  Want to add something extra?  Have a signature cocktail such as a martini or long island iced tea.  If you are doing a champagne toast consider using a champagne alternative such as prosecco or cava.

3Wedding Cake & Dessert

Choose a cake with a single flavor or opt for a smaller cake – have a secondary cake that is specifically for your guests.  If your heart is set on a large cake, the lower tiers can be made from styrofoam (don’t worry, nobody will notice!). Alternatively, you can serve your guests desserts such as cupcakes or designer worthy donuts.

4Main Course & Ingredients

Avoid pricey ingredients for the main course.  Instead of lobster and filet mignon think chicken and salmon.  Splurge on expensive ingredients for hors d’oeuvres or fancy desserts – your dollar will go further!  Aim to pick ingredients that are in season as it will bring down the cost and improve the quality.

5Price Guarantee

Lock in catering prices with your vendor.  The cost of food almost never goes down in price and often rises.  If your wedding is a year away, ensure that the price you are quoted is what you will pay on your wedding day.

6Buffet Dinner

A plated sit-down dinner is going to be the most costly option. Instead, consider a buffet dinner.  Less staff are required with a buffet dinner, saving you money on your catering staff charges. Guests can walk along and serve themselves or you can have servers behind the buffet table to serve the dishes.

7Food Presentation

Serve simple foods such as macaroni salad, fruit parfaits or desserts in martini or champagne classes. These classics cost a fraction of traditional cocktail party fare and the presentation will not disappoint!

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