1. Wearing the wrong foundation color

This is the most common makeup faux pas. Foundation should not be used to make it look like you have a tan, that is what bronzer is for.  Ensure that you check your skin in various lighting situations to make sure the shade you choose looks natural.

2. Not using waterproof mascara

Black tear trails or raccoon eyes are things you definitely want to avoid on your wedding day.  The best waterproof mascara is one that sticks around, resisting pesky smudges, smears and flakes no matter how hot the weather is or how many happy tears are shed.

3. Skipping exfoliation before applying lipstick

Lipstick will not be applied smooth and even nor will it last as long on dry or chapped lips. Prepare your lips for application by exfoliating with a sugar scrub.

4. Forgetting to put a covering over our face when putting on your dress

The last thing you want to do is leave a lasting impression on your white dress!  While you we strongly suggest you step into your dress, if you need to put your wedding dress over your head make sure that you loosely cover your face to avoid any unwanted transfer.

5. Not Using Eyeshadow Base

Eyeshadow base will keep your eyeshadow from creasing and wearing off throughout the day.  This is especially true if you are getting married in a warm climate or in summer months.

6. Failing to Use Makeup Setting Spray

Makeup setting spray will keep your look in place without causing any shine.  This is essential if you want to look flawless from “I do” to the last dance of the night.

7. Eyebrow Maintenance too Close to Wedding Day

Aim to have any eyebrow waxing or threading done at least 3 days (optimally 4 days) before your wedding.  This will allow any redness or irritation to dissipate before the big day.

8, Skipping the Makeup Trial

No matter how seasoned or recommended your makeup artist is, this an important first step because you need to figure out what look you want and make sure you and your makeup artist are on the same page.

9. Using Eyeshadow That’s Too Bold

Generally, those with hazel, green and blue eyes should select complementary colors which are on the opposite sides of the color wheel.  If you don’t typically wear eyeshadow stick with neutral colors such as nude, beige and chocolate.

10. Choosing a Look That Varies Greatly From Your Style

On your wedding day you want to look like the best version of yourself!  If you don’t wear makeup in your everyday life go for a more natural look.  The goal should be to enhance your features and make you feel confident enough to let your inner beauty shine through!