7Blush and Gold

This color combo is rapidly rising in popularity and is bound to add elegance to any affair. If your bridesmaids are wearing blush colored dresses, it is easily accented with gold jewellery.  For a less dramatic look, rose gold can be paired with blush.

Dominant Color: Blush Pink
Accent Color: Gold
Ideal Season(s): Summer or Fall

6Turquoise and Champagne

Pairing a bright color like turquoise with an earthy tone like champagne makes a wonderful statement.  The Bride can carry a champagne colored clutch to create a lovely look.  This color combo is sure to compliment your bubbly perfectly!

Dominant Color: Turquoise
Accent Color: Champagne
Ideal Season(s): Spring or Summer

5Emerald and Yellow

This classic vintage duo is refreshing and we are glad that it is gaining popularity once again.  A bouquet of fragrant yellow flowers just screams “Great Gatsby” when paired with emerald green.  For a bolder look, choose canary yellow.

Dominant Color: Emerald Green
Accent Color: Yellow
Ideal Season(s): Spring

4Carnation Pink and Grey

You cannot go wrong with this solid pairing.  Carnation Pink and Grey creates a sophisticated look that will never go out of style.  Pairing the Groom’s grey suit with a small pink accent such as a handkerchief looks wonderfully sharp.

Dominant Color: Carnation Pink
Accent Color: Grey
Ideal Season (s): Summer or Fall

3Navy Blue and Silver

We cannot stress how beautiful this combo is against a snowy backdrop.  The Bride can wear silver dipped shoes to make the stark contrast even more bold.  If you are looking for a less dramatic look, trying pairing navy blue with cream.

Dominant Color: Navy Blue
Accent Color: Silver
Ideal Season(s): Winter

2Coral and Mint

We can feel the sun against our skin just looking at these colors! They compete with such exuberance that it is impossible for us to decide which is dominant.  A flower placed in the hair of each bridesmaid with the accent color of your choice ties up the look.

Dominant Color: Coral or Mint
Accent Color: Coral or Mint
Ideal Seasons: Spring or Summer

1Lilac and Royal Purple

With lilac and royal purple being beside each other in the color wheel, this combo creates a clean subtle look with just enough contrast.  A lilac sash wrapped around the Bride’s waist shows just how beautiful a splash of color can be.

Dominant Color: Lilac
Accent Color: Royal Purple
Ideal Seasons: Spring or Winter