The great thing about the unity sand ceremony is that there are no rules! Although the ceremony is traditionally performed by the couple it can be modified to include the couple’s children or their parents.  It suits all wedding types and is perfect for outdoor or beach weddings.

What will I need?

*The number of smaller vases and sand colors you require will depend on the number of participatants in the ceremony.

So, how does the sand unity ceremony work?

Everyone participating in the sand ceremony has a vase full of colored sand (everyone should have different colored sand).  All participants then takes turns pouring the sand one clear unity vase creating beautiful colored layers.  Typically, the officiant explains what is happening and what the ceremony represents as it is taking place with wording provided by the couple.

What does it symbolize?
The blending of sand symbolizes the merge of two (or multiple) lives into one.  This merge represents not only the union of the couple but also their family and friends.  Once the sand is poured into the unity vase it can never be put back into separate vases.  The sand is forever entwined symbolizing the lives and love of everyone included in the ceremony
Any Advice?
It is important to fill up the unity vase and test how much sand you will need BEFORE your wedding. You don’t want to not have enough enough sand or overfill the unity vase!  Using a lid will ensure that the sand does not shift or spill in transit.  If you are transporting the sand back home from a destination wedding, snuggly cotton balls between the top layer and the lid. Tape the lid to the vase and you are good to go!
Create Lastings Memories

Many couples choose this ceremony so that they will have a meaningful keepsake of their special day. You can display the vase in your home and even have it engraved with the participants’ names or the couple’s wedding date.  We can’t think of a better way to showcase your commitment as a couple or family!