1Plantable Confetti

Instead of traditional confetti try plantable confetti and watch your love grow – literally.  Plantable confetti is made from biodegradable eco-paper that is embedded with seeds. When thrown outside, these heart shaped confetti will grow into wildflowers!

2Rose Petals

There is nothing more romantic than rose petals fluttering to the ground around you both as you take your first steps as a married couple. Not only will it look like a fairytale but it will also smell heavenly!


Bubbles never stop being fun!  Provide your guests with small jars of bubbles and instruct them to blow bubbles as you both make your exit. It will be nothing short of a movie-worthy scene!   Be sure that you buy non-staining bubbles and test on an inconspicuous area to ensure that they will not stain your dress.

4Well Wishes

Looking for an alternative to sky lanterns? Have your guests write wishes for you and your spouse on Flying Prayer Paper , roll them up, light them and watch them rise and fly away! There is very little ash left and is a great way to get the floating effect without harming the environment.


Are you getting married at dusk or in the evening?  Sparklers will be jaw dropping on a night landscape and your photographer will capture some ah-mazing photos.