Winter is the season of romance and cuddling and is a beautiful season for a fairy tale wedding making it undoubtedly a great time to say “I do”.  The evergreen accents, pinecones, cranberries and cozy knitting with red and white color pallets are a perfect addition for wedding decorations. You may choose to incorporate the holidays into your wedding or you may want to keep your celebrations strictly to your nuptials.

Wood and wooden frames
Wood & Wooden frames can be used as sign boards, guest book stands, cake stands and centerpieces in the reception.   These items are typically associated with a rustic themed weddings.

Evergreen accents and pine-cones
Pine-cones can be decorated as centerpieces with candle jars and evergreens can also be used in the aisle ceremony, wedding reception and for decorating guest chairs.

Red & green lights and bells
In a winter wedding, red and green lights signify the divine opulence of festive season. Bells and ribbons can be used as centerpieces and for decorating chairs and tables. These accessories are essential for a Christmas wedding theme.

Christmas theme 
Add red and green colors when decorating the venue. White snow can be added to decorate the wedding aisle. The berry fruits can be used to give an extra ordinary touch to your reception table and menu bar.

Candles and jars
Candles will add a cozy and romantic touch to your wedding. Candles and jars can be used for lighting purpose as well as beautiful centerpieces.

Let your caterer know about the wintry theme, inspire him or her to bake a snowy and wintry theme cake to captivate the attention of your guests.

A tree lined  aisle with a lot of gleaming candles and snow will provide a whimsical and charming look at the wedding.

Pine cones and evergreen accents look great in winter wedding bouquets.

Consider using mini trees as centerpieces and decorate with crystal garlands, white flowers and candles to style up your wedding.

White  glittery table cloths will enhance the beauty of the venue.

Try to add evergreen accents and pine needle sprigs to your seating and chairs.