Hand your bouquet to the next woman in attendance to get married and toast her and her fiancé.  If she is a close friend, she can take the ribbon or jewel pins from your bouquet and have them incorporated into her bouquet!

Longest Married Couple

Ask all your married guests to come to the dance floor and whittle it down to the couple who has been married the longest. Gift your bouquet to the happy couple!

Honor Loved Ones

If a family member or close loved one passed away before your big day, the bouquet can serve as a token of remembrance. Place the bouquet in a vase at the head table and say a few words about the meaning of the bouquet in a speech or have a sign accompany the vase.

Family Member

Perhaps you want a special way to thank your mother for always being there or your grandmother for all her help and support. Gifting the bouquet to a family member is a great way to show your thanks!

Hidden Charms 

If you want to forego giving the bouquet away try an old southern “cake pull” tradition.  A cake pull is where a variety of charms are chosen  (good luck, love, prosperity, happiness charms etc.) and are baked into the wedding cake.   The baker leaves long ribbons dangling out so woman at the wedding can pull the charms from the cake to see what the future has in store for them!