Charging Station

There’s nothing worse than seeing a perfect moment only to realize that your phone has no charge!  If you want your guests to snap photos well into night, consider having a phone charging station. You can easily create your own charging station or rent the stations for a nominal fee.


Selfie Sticks

Many people feel that posed pictures can look formal and too serious.  The selfie stick will give everyone something to smile about! You can provide each table with one or gift personalized selfie sticks as wedding favors.  Having them at your wedding eliminates the need to find a person willing to take photo after photo until you get it just right.


Have Guests Use Hashtags

A wedding hashtag is a simple way to gather all your guests’ photos from your wedding day in one place. Another bonus is the opportunity to experience a different perspective of your nuptials.  Use your creativity to come up with a hashtag or use an online hashtag generator (be sure to check that it is original).  Display your hashtag on signs, wedding favors or place cards to get the word out!


Drone Photography

Wineries, private estates and destination weddings are perfect places to consider drone photography!  A drone allows you to get footage of not only the wedding itself but the surrounding landscape a can make a couple’s wedding video fresh and unique.  Before booking a vendor be sure to confirm with the venue and look into any required permitting.


Live Stream Your Ceremony

This is a great option if you are having a destination wedding or if you have family members that aren’t able to attend your big day. Various video calling or live video channels (Skype or Youtube Live Stream to name a few) allow you to easily set up a live stream and remove the distance barrier.


Use Mobile Apps

There are endless wedding apps on the market. Most wedding apps will do a vast number of things including providing GPS directions to the venue, provide a platform to upload pictures of your wedding and will even allow you to publish your wedding video!  Using a helpful app will save you the stress and help your guests.


GoPro Point of View

A strategically placed GoPro camera will provide a unique vantage point and footage that you will be able to reflect on for years to come. You can place the GoPro with the ring bearer, flower girl, on a table at the ceremony/reception venue or even in the bride’s bouquet for a different perspective- yes, this has been done!