Marriage ceremonies have become by far the most exciting and marvellous event in a person’s life. It will most likely be be one of the most expensive party one will plan.  Planning a wedding undoubtedly means every addition will have an associated fees. Catering could very well be the highest priced item of your wedding day. In spite of this, you need not invest too much money for any catering service.

The easiest way to bring down the costs for wedding catering is usually to have your reception buffet-style. Caterers typically charge less for a buffet-style catering service compared to a waiter style service. The reason for this is that there’s less manpower required and fewer staff members. There are usually fewer jobs in the kitchen area.

Stationary appetizers are a different way of cutting down the price of catering.  In place of having waiters serve the appetizers to the invitee, strategically place appetizers in three or four distinctive places. This not only lowers the expense of your food costs but it allows for your friends and relatives to socialize.  This in turn  also helps you steer clear of overcrowding in a single location.

Have your own alcoholic beverages such as wine and cocktails ingredients. This will help you cut back a great deal on costs.  As most weddings have a corkage charge, the catering service will most likely bill for this charge. Serving your own alcoholic refreshmentswill cost much less and will let you buy them in mass.

Cupcakes are definitely the fad these days. In addition being more affordable when compared to a large cake, caterers can design individual cupcakes.  More often than not conventional wedding cakes are prepared of fondant. It appears pleasant and provides the cake smoother appearance, but may not be as delectable. It is more expensive to have a wedding cake made out of fondant. Cupcakes are scrumptious and allow your guests multiple servings.  You won’t have any issues in having lots of leftovers for your cupcakes!