Remember, in some cultures rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck!  Being prepared is key to flawlessly pulling of your wedding. To help you prepare, we have compiled a handful of simple steps to put your mind at ease.

Option B

If the venue has an indoor location available should it rain, make sure that the room will hold all of guests comfortably and that you would be ok with having your ceremony in the space.  If you do not have an indoor option, be sure to have a company that provides portable tents on speed dial.  If rain is in the forecast a week prior to your wedding, be sure make final arrangements.


Clear umbrellas will shelter you and our bridal party from the rain without casting shadows on your faces.  Ensure that you purchase enough for your entire wedding party (and a few extra for guests – see below).


Consider having a secondary pair of shoes. Trekking through puddles in your ivory heels will not end well.  Rubber boots are a great option and make for some good photos!


Ensure that your photographer has experience and is comfortable capturing photos in the rain.  A seasoned photographer should be able to work in all weather conditions and will know the best lighting.


Quite often a rain cloud will pass and the sun will peak through. It is worth asking if the venue location and officiant if they will allow a 15 – 30 minute window for the weather to pass. Alternatively, you can quickly sneak off for pictures during your reception if it is carefully coordinated.

Cheat A Little

Improvise and get some photographs under an overhang or in a car.  This will allow you to have a variety of photos that don’t always include an umbrella.

Hair and Makeup

Have your makeup artist and hairdresser on standby.  See if they can do a touch up before the wedding reception.  This will allow you to get a little wet without the worry.

Prepare your Guests

Don’t assume your guests will know to plan for rain. Provide umbrellas as needed and consider adding a couple hair dryers and some toiletries to the restrooms so guests can freshen up.

Don’t Stress

The weather is something that you will never control no matter how you try.  Make the most of your day and enjoy every second! If the Bride and Groom are having a great time, all your guests will too!