1Unity Ceremony

A unity ceremony is a meaningful way to include your children and unite your family. The unity ceremony symbolizes the blending of different lives into one. There are numerous ceremonies with the most popular being a water, candle or a sand unity ceremony.

2Jewelry Exchange

When the couple is exchanging rings, consider gifting your children with a piece of jewelry to signify the commitment.   An engraved ring or a necklace that has special meaning are perfect options.

3Tying the Knot

If your child is baby, a modified hand fasting ceremony is the perfect fit!  In a hand fasting ceremony, the couples’ wrists are bound together. Instead of traditional satin, a special baby blanket can be used.  Many couples love this idea because it symbolizes baby literally being the knot that ties you together.

4Start the Show

Consider letting your kids take the lead during your wedding procession! Try to make it fun by having them carry a sign that displays something such as “Here comes Mommy!“. Children who are too young to walk down the aisle by themselves can be pulled in a decorated wagon by a family member or friend in the wedding party.

5Cake Topper

If you are looking to add a thoughtful touch, a custom wedding topper may be the answer! Choose a wedding cake topper which not only includes the bride and groom but also your little one(s)!

6First Dance

As the Bride and Groom are having their first dance as husband and wife, consider cutting the song part way through and having your kid(s) join!  Try to choose a song that has significance and can be enjoyed by all ages.  This is also a great way to amp up the party and get all of your guests on the dance floor.

7Wedding Vows

This is a wonderful option for blended families.  Accomplish this by inviting the kids up to the altar and reciting vows for each child.  These vows transform your wedding into a celebration of family and the love you have for each other.