Nina Rivka D’Orsay Evening Wedges 

If you generally don’t wear heels or shoes with height, flats are the way to go.  Flats have received a bad rep in the past but many designers are now realizing that flats don’t have to be boring!  In fact, many come in the same styles as their stiletto counterparts.  Without a heel, you have the ability to dance the night away sans blistered feet.

TIP:  Found the perfect shoe but it doesn’t come in the color you want?  Consider purchasing the shoes in white and getting them dyed.  Many shoe repair stores offer this service, allowing you to get the color just right!


Badgley Mischka Teri Strappy Embellished Evening Sandals

Are you a Bride that wants to show off your pedicure?  If so, sandals are the perfect fit! Sandals are great if you want height with a bit more breathing room than a classic pump. Many sandals have ornate detail and can add bling to your look.  Just ensure that the straps are wide enough to avoid having them dig into your feet.  Ouch!

TIP:  Walking on soft terrain (think grass) for your ceremony or pictures can be a nightmare in heels.  Avoid this by purchasing heel protectors, they will allow you to roam without the worry.

3The Wedge

Nina Emma Evening Wedges

The wedge is great for a Bride who isn’t 100% comfortable with wearing a heel but wants the height and stability that the wedge offers.  It is versatile and comes in varying heights.  This style is also a great choice for a beach or outdoor wedding.

TIP:  If you are getting married on the beach and will be wearing wedges, make sure that you choose a sandal style.  This will allow sand to find its way out if it should become trapped in your shoe!

4Kitten Heels

Badgley Mischka Geranium Ankle-Strap Evening Sandals

The kitten heel is ideal if you are comfortable in heels but would like to be able to last the night without a shoe change.  This style comes in an open or closed toe, allowing flexibility.  It gives you enough lift to boost your derriere and the perfect compromise if you are torn between flats are stilettos.

TIP:  Break in your shoes over a 2 week period.  Wear them around the house or office (not outside) aiming for about 30 minutes a day. Your feet will thank you! Make sure to scuff up the bottoms so that the thought of slipping becomes a distant memory.   


Blue By Betsey Johnson Adley Embroidered Evening Pumps

If you are thinking about the stiletto, we commend you!  Only choose this option if you are comfortable walking in shoes with this much height and are bringing a pair of backup ballerina flats.  If you can pull it off we say go for it!

TIP:  Let your seamstress know that you will be wearing two different shoes before alternations take place.  Together, you can decide how much to hem the length of the dress.