10. Pearls

Pearls are reasonable in cost, come in varying shades and are versatile.  Fill up centerpiece vases with loose pearls and drape strings of pearls in teacups and out of champagne glasses or antique jewellery boxes. Pearls can also be added to your wedding bouquet for a 1920’s look.

9. Lace

Instead of wrapping your chairs or bouquet with satin bows, consider using lace.  Opt for a shade of cream or off-white for a traditional look or ivory for a modern touch.  Use lace tablecloths or doilies at each table to tie the look together.

8. Calligraphy

Cursive is beautiful and stylish; perfect elements for a vintage wedding theme. Hire somehow who has mastered calligraphy and ensure that your seating chart, table numbers and guest name cards etc. are written in cursive.  It will add an elegant touch to the theme.

7. Candles

Replace a good portion of lightbulb lighting with romantic candle light once your photographer gives you the green light. The soft lighting will set the ambiance and create a warm feel in the room.

6. Simple Centerpieces

Your pocketbook will be thankful for this one!  The vintage theme needs no more than classic flowers in a stout vase or flowers bunched together with a piece of ribbon.  White daises, yellow carnations, pastel hydrangeas  or pink roses will add the perfect touch.

5. Antiques

Litter your tables with relics of the past.  Some great options are vintage hard-covered classic novels, pocket watches, typewriters, jewellery boxes, newspapers or ornaments. Scouring second hand stores or antique shops are a great place to find these hidden gems.

4. Chandelier

A chandelier is the focal point of the room and is a decor item that has stood the test of time.  If your venue doesn’t have a chandelier, you can purchase chandelier crystal pendants to hang from vases or other decor.  Even Gatsby himself would approve!

3. Music

In the roaring 20’s music playing during dinner functions was the norm. Although having a piano and pianist at your venue would be ideal, playing background music over the speakers will work just as well.  Play music from the era that you are trying to re-create starting with slow music and working up to the waltz.

2. Fine China

Old is new again!  Trading commonly used white plates for decorative fine china will add character and make your guests feel regal.  You can match the china to your flowers or centrepieces for a uniform look.

1. Transportation

After all your hard work and attention to detail it is important that the 21st century does not rear its head at the end of the night!  Make your getaway in a classic vehicle to seal the deal. The rest is history!