5The Rose – Timeless

Roses symbolize love, joy and beauty and are typically moderate to expensive in price.

This timeless flower comes in a variety of colors from deep burgundy to coral, allowing the opportunity to match the most unique wedding colors. If you would like to put a modern spin on the rose, try going with a garden rose variation such as a peony or ranunculus.

4Gardenia – Classic

Gardenias symbolize purity and joy and are typically expensive in price.

This bloom easily takes center stage with little need to combine with a variation of flowers. They add a ruffly texture and drama to a monochromatic bouquet, allowing a strictly white arrangement to have dimension and depth. Gardenias are knowing for their lovely scent and have a classic “Gone With the Wind” feel.

3Stephanotis – Graceful

The Stephanotis flower symbolizes marital happiness and is typically moderate in price.

The Stephanotis flower is making a comeback! It has been steadily growing in popularity over the past few years and once graced Princess Diana’s royal bouquet. They have a star-like shape and if you are looking for some bling, the strong structure and hollow centers allow crystals or pearl pins to easily be added.

2Tulip – Rustic

Tulips symbolize love and passion and are typically expensive in price.

For many, tulips signal the start a new chapter making them a great choice for the start of your new life together. They provide a playful and fresh feeling and are available in a myriad of colors. The tulip is striking in bouquets of their own and equally as stunning as complementary blossoms.

1Calla Lily – Elegance

Calla Lilies symbolize magnificent beauty and are typically expensive in price.

The calla lily is perfect for the sophisticated bride, providing a “Grace Kelly” vibe. They come in a variety of colors and are flat on top and tapered at the bottom allowing the stem to make as bold of a statement as the blossoms.