1. Should I put wedding registry information on the invitation?

Tradition prevails on this one with the consensus being that registry information should never be included on your wedding invitations. Why?  It is thought that doing so puts more emphasis on the gift aspect and less on the request that your guests join you on your special day.  So how do you get the word out?  Many experts on the subject still stand by old fashioned word of mouth.  Since many couples have wedding websites we think that a great compromise is to include registry information on your site.

2. Can we do a travel registry to fund our honeymoon?

With the cost of weddings increasing exponentially each year, we are seeing more couples take this route.  A travel registry fund is an appropriate avenue to take if the delivery is executed correctly.  In general, it is not considered tactful to tell guests what they should gift.  If this the road you want to take, it is best to let the word spread organically by telling close friends and relatives.

3. Is it rude to register if we are having a destination wedding?

Definitely not!  When there’s a wedding, people will want to give gifts regardless of where the ceremony is taking place.  It is important to note that since your guests will be spending a significant amount of money to attend your wedding, you may want to fill your registry with affordable items and skip pricey pieces.  Keep in mind that because of the distance, there will likely be friends and family who can’t attend but will certainly want to buy you a gift.

4. We already live together, do we really need a gift registry?

It may be tempting to skip the registry and assume that your guests will give you cash instead.  If you do not register, people will constantly ask you why you haven’t registered and you will most likely end up with a lot of gifts that you don’t like or need.  Think of it this way, people want to give you things to feel like they contributed to your special day and they’re going to buy you things no matter what.  Just do the registry!

5. Are Thank You cards still a thing?

Yes!  An e-mail or phone call are not acceptable alternatives. You should mention the gift you received in the thank you card and ensure that all notes are sent out within 3 months after the wedding.  Be aware that early wedding gifts should be acknowledged before the big day. Good timing also goes a long way to show your guests that you are genuinely appreciative.