Special Wedding Photos That You Want your Photographer to Take

Pictures are captured memories that will remain once the wedding day has passed. Make sure that you don't let these must have photos slip through your fingers!



The Bride’s Back

This is especially true if your dress has a delicate and detailed back, you have a beautiful bustle, a wonderful sash bow or a flowing veil.  Many times (rightfully so) the photographer’s focus is not on your back.  Ensure that you have all the photography shots you want before bustling your dress or removing your veil.  If your wedding dress has a scoop back, think about adding some bling with a backdrop necklace.   The ability to easily remove the necklace gives you the best of both worlds.


Being Silly

If you are wearing sneakers or boots under that dress show em’ off!  Having a little fun will help you feel more relaxed and when your smile is genuine it shows.  Try making funny faces or posing for an inside joke that only the two of you would understand.  This may not be the picture you hang up in the living room (or maybe it will be!) but you won’t regret having it taken.


Those Stunning Shoes

So important, just ask Cinderella!  They have taken you every step of the way on your big day with little to no attention.  Depending on your dress, your guests may not get more than a peek of your carefully picked out shoes.  Give them the attention they deserve and put them on display.


The Bouquet

We know that you will probably dry out and save a couple flowers from your bouquet as a keepsake but don’t miss the opportunity to get snaps of your bouquet while it is looking its best.  Odds are that you put much thought into this accessory and this picture will only enhance the other photos in your wedding album.


Paparazzi Photos

Isn’t it funny how our favorite photos are always the ones that we weren’t aware of while they were being taken?  Have your photographer capture intimate photos of just the two of you.  It could be something as simple as talking to each other or your now husband supporting you while you fix your shoe.  These mystery photos are typically favorites in our experience.



It is common for photographers to take pictures of your engagement and wedding rings but accessories tend to get missed.   Perhaps you are wearing your great grandmother’s heirloom earrings that have significant meaning or a necklace your fiance gave you on your first anniversary.  Make sure to capture pictures of any important jewelry you may be wearing.


Friends and Family

Perhaps your BFF couldn’t be in your wedding party or you are super close with your Great Aunt, make sure that you get photos specifically of yourself with these important people. Just because they’re not in the wedding party it does not mean that you can’t have designated photos.  You both will treasure these photos for years to come.