1. Photo Albums

Your wedding pictures are an investment, yet many couples do not end up printing off pictures for a wedding album.  You are much more likely to reminisce about your big day if your photos are readily available.  Alternatively, you can preserve your memories with a photo book.  We suggest a company like Blurb, they offer quality printed pages and allow you to easily customize.

2. Luggage

A good luggage set is a must and this is the perfect opportunity as (hopefully!) you will be jetting off to your honeymoon in no time!  Although this is a big ticket item, the great thing is that it is typically priced separately.  This allows your guests to purchase a piece of the set rather than the full collection if they choose.

3. Barbeque

With most registry items focusing on house ware, this is a gift that the groom will be ecstatic about! A barbecue is the perfect addition and will allow you to have a backyard party with all of your friends after the wedding festivities have ended.

4. Area Rug

A quality area rug is typically something that many people fail to invest in.  It can add a lot of personality to a room and add a more “homey” feel to hardwood or laminate flooring.  It is a great item to add as it is guaranteed to be one of the most used items on your registry.

5. Personalized Wine Glasses

Receiving personalized gifts allows you to celebrate your new status in style. Even though chances are that you and your future husband already own wine glasses, it will be nice to have glasses that you can use for special occasions or just an ordinary Monday.  His & Hers wine glasses are the perfect addition.

6. Camping/Outdoor Items

If you are a couple that enjoys camping or hiking, this is defiantly the way to go.  Think sleeping bags, lanterns, camp stoves or a compass.  Usually, these items are very specific and personal so this is the perfect opportunity to pick gear that will be well used.

7. Camera

Don’t let the photographs stop after the nuptials!  Keep taking photos on your honeymoon and capturing memories for many years to come.