What Makes a Destination Wedding so Attractive?

More couples than ever are choosing a destination wedding over a local venue. One reason may be that many couples who marry abroad say that they are getting a “wedding experience” versus a “wedding day”. This “experience” also applies to all of your guests as they are enjoying a mini vacay in addition to seeing their loved ones tie the knot.

Many top resorts have experienced wedding planners that assist along the way. Even if you have not been to the resort in person, they are able to provide plenty of information, photographs and videos from previous weddings to help you decide if the venue is right for you.  Generally, services are also offered at the resort and range from photography, hair & makeup and laundry service.  (Note: If you decide that you would like to hire an outside company/vendor to assist with the above mentioned services, ensure that you inquire about any day pass fees that may apply).

We have compiled a list of our top reasons to have a destination wedding.

Simplify the guest list

A local wedding may often lead to feeling the obligation to invite everybody. This may not be an option for some couples as their budget doesn’t accommodate a large number of guests or perhaps they just prefer not to spend their entire wedding day doing the rounds and chatting with distant relatives they haven’t seen since childhood. Distant acquaintances are least likely to attend a destination wedding, ensuring the guest list is kept short.


A destination wedding typically is a more economical option due to the small guest list and break in decoration costs. Many couples don’t feel the need to have an abundance of flowers or fancy napkins but prefer to let nature and local tradition lead the way. Travel agents offer discounts to large parties and some resorts even offer free weddings if you meet certain criteria such as a minimum number of guests. You may even choose to stay an additional week for your honeymoon (try a different local resort for a different feel)and save on flight costs.

Reduced Anxiety and Worry

You are perhaps experiencing a new part of the world with your soon to be spouse for the first time and you may find that anxiety and worry are replaced with excitement. It can be exhilarating creating new experiences and having your friends and family by your side will put your mind at ease. There is much less thought about seating charts (if any) and more focus on sharing a day with your loved ones. If you choose a sunny destination, predictable weather will also lessen your fears.

Combination Experience

Many couples find that a destination wedding offers a family reunion and a unique opportunity to all vacation together. You will get the chance to go sightseeing together and maybe try a few excursions or tours. These experiences create everlasting memories that will only enhance your own memories of your special day.

Amazing Photos

Coincidentally, you can spend less on decorations or props and have enhanced photos. By incorporating the natural assets of the venue, you automatically enhance your photos. Whether it be amazing turquoise waters or beautiful architecture, ensure your photographer utilizes them in your photos.


Being away from home and in a hotel being doted on by hotel staff will make you feel as if you are in a fairy tale. Many resorts will provide additional room decorating and fancy dinners for the Mr. & Mrs. to be, allowing you and your significant other to have some alone time to soak in every moment.  What’s not to love about that!

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